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The People of Boca Raton, FL

Urban Power Families

High-income couples with children.
Six-figure salaried couples with children who live an upscale life in a metro center. Highly educated professionals working in finance, medical, and high-tech fields.

New Suburbanites

Mobile suburban singles.
A high proportion of these pre-middle-age to middle-age singles have moved to the suburbs in the past 4 years. Some have a college education and work in professional or management careers.

Suburban Retirees

Seniors over 65 who live in the suburbs.
These seniors are living out their retirement years in suburbia. Most own their homes, and some have college degrees.

Self-sufficient Seniors

Suburban seniors who live alone.
More than 40% either live alone or live with non-relatives. Some are homeowners. Education level varies from high school or lower to college.

High $$ DINKs

Urban high-income couples with no children.
Middle-age Dual Income No Kids couples living in the city and making very comfortable combined household incomes. Most own their own homes and are highly educated professionals, many with advanced degrees.